Consult with us for your risk analysis, security planning, audits, surveys and assessment needs, to ensure better readiness and decision making.

Services include:

Investing and operating in developing countries, emerging markets and high risk regions of the world can be a risky venture. Working in such markets can expose companies and their personnel to varied and sometimes very serious threats. As a provider of one-stop-shop services, we handle any and all aspects of our client’s mission and security planning, journey-management, risk assessments, hotel / accommodation security surveys, and any other needs required for the successful and safe conduct of our client’s business. Your success is our success, and your safety our primary concern.

Our team strives to provide our clients with the guidance necessary in order to support and ensure their ability to achieve corporate objectives, keep staff and business assets safe and assure financial sustainability. Helping our clients better plan, as well as understand their situational environment and how to properly manage their risks, is the most important first step in more effectively protecting their personnel and investments in such environments and markets. 

Our services rely on our staff's extensive local knowledge, field experience as well as year-round in-country presence. Through the development of high-value and key local networks, our company can better identify possible threats and evaluate risks based on a refined threat/risk matrix. This allows us to mitigate our clients’ overall exposure.

Lafayette Praetorian provides tailored consulting services, in order to help our clients better understand and manage the risks and threats they currently face, or may face, from various geopolitical, sociopolitical and general security realities in the project country or region of their choice.

Regularly informed and updated, both by our exclusive wide-network of industry professionals as well as trusted in-country contacts, our team of analysts and advisors includes country-specialists, academics, retired military personnel and government professionals. All respected field and subject matter experts on a wide range of specialties and global issues.

Even before entering new markets and investing overseas, our highly-knowledgeable staff, backed by our respected advisers, can help deliver the necessary information for proper corporate geo-strategy and decision-making.

In this field, thanks to being plugged-in on the ground level, Lafayette Praetorian is able to offer a very unique perspective and specialization in the provision of the following services and more:

– Political Risk Analysis and assessments
– Corporate Risk Management Policy consulting
– Risk Monitoring and Situation Reports (SITREPs)
– Policy consulting on Defense, Security & Foreign Affairs
– Identifying best suitable accommodations (Hotel-Security Surveys), office locations, and guest house services
– Geopolitical & Sociopolitical situational and environment-awareness consulting, on given countries and regions
– Creation or Testing of already in place Security Protocols, providing new and advised security-measures when necessary

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Trust us with your security and let us monitor threats, mitigate risks, provide a secure working environment, and protect your assets and personnel.

Services Include:

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION SERVICES: As one of our primary activities, we secure the transport of people, goods and assets in hostile environments, including conflict and post-conflict countries. Delivering elite close protection services for staff and VIPs. Our Global Executive Protection services are available throughout Africa. Lafayette Praetorian staff and teams fuse the experienced, battle-tested and proven-combination of American and French industry standards and know-hows. This allows us to confidently provide our clients with highly reliable low-profile safety and security, for corporate VIPs, staff and personnel traveling to high-risk regions of Africa (and other destinations worldwide). We handle every aspect of our clients’ personal safety, from arrival to departure, by providing full turn-key hosting, travel-logistics and protective-services.

Likewise, Lafayette Praetorian provides high-end elite bodyguard and security chauffeur services for anyone, including private high-net worth individuals and their families, wishing to safely travel to the United-States, Western Europe and the Balkans. Additionally, we also offer more permanent security staffing services, for those wishing to outfit themselves with a round-the-clock private security team.

INVESTED & QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: Lafayette Praetorian’s core staff, country directors, expat-level security-managers, close protection officers and all our expat personnel, are highly qualified and carefully selected from our exclusive network of former-members of reputed special-forces and law enforcement units from the US, France and other NATO nations. Recruited based on their extensive military and post-military experience in the field, our personnel are vetted and tested through rigorous procedures. As well as follow constant in-house retraining and mission-specific selection, in order to guarantee the best standards and utmost quality of service.

Our locally-recruited personnel, close protection officers and security drivers, are also extremely well vetted, trained and managed to western standards, directly so by our expat personnel. All our staff is taught to adapt to our clients’ needs, so as to tailor their approach accordingly with client‘s specific requirements. Our Security Guards are locally hired and also specifically selected, trained and managed by our expat security managers.

OUTSOURCING OPTIONS: Through outsourcing your security management with us, we ensure that your security related administrative issues are solved. We deploy and second Security Directors and Managers, within your company, at highly competitive costs and whether part or full time, depending on the client, budgets and needs. In turn, this allows our clients to keep their security staff small and security related administrative costs low, and yet able to rely on a consistently updated and upgraded asset protection apparatus based on industry best standards. By outsourcing their corporate security department with us, we are able to help our clients constantly identify cost-saving opportunities.

For when a more long-term posting and presence is not required, we can also deploy back-to-back field security-managers on dedicated projects. Such as for preparing regular risk assessments, running on-site audits, conducting inspections, updating site-specific emergency responses, supervising in-country team shift-changes, ensuring all relevant SOPs are updated, overseeing the maintenance of equipment and infrastructures, and administering regular training of internal staff. We can develop very cost effective models and packages, tailored to our client’s needs and budgets, that will assist with operations, compliance requirements and guarantee due diligence. 

–  Security Managers and Guards for the every day protection of your facilities, personnel, goods, and a safer working-environment all around
–  Global Executive Protection and Close Protection Officer services, including Airport Meet & Greet, for your Corporate VIP personnel traveling to Africa. Or any other high-risk region of the World, thanks to our consortium of trusted strategic partners
–  Hotline and Quick Reaction Force services, provided by our very own Strategic Threat Monitoring Unit, to add an extra layer of compliance and safety for your teams and infrastructures, which includes: Direct 24/7 access to a specialized Security Manager, fast crisis communication and incident management, and Quick Reaction Force capabilities deployment options
–  Elite Protective Services, exclusively dedicated former military or law-enforcement personnel, highly trained and experienced operatives, for permanent everyday personal and asset protection at home, at the office, while mobile in public-places and/or traveling
–  Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) services
–  Crisis Management, Hostage Situation and Kidnapping (K&R) negotiator team services, on standby and all well-experienced experts that are locally connected in the given country of need and operation
– Risk Mitigation Measures, implementing a safety environment, complete with security protocols and staff.

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We are here for your Logistical and Operational support needs, for all project types and sizes.

Services Include:

Our teams have the experience and the resources necessary to successfully provide logistical and operational support for our clients’ missions. For short or long term stays, and small or massive projects alike, we are here for you. Including in-country administrative assistance, facilitation, legal and other expert counsel recommendations, HR staffing for home and offices, journey management, hosting, asset acquisition, infrastructure building, relocation and expatriation. We are also able to assist with Business Intelligence, conduct Investigations, provide Communication Information Systems (CIS) capabilities, as well as deliver any civilian-approved procurement and equipment necessities required. Our services include:

–  Hosting, Journey Management and Turn-Key solutions for your Corporate VIP personnel traveling to Africa, or any high-risk region of the World;
–  Deployment of C.I.S. solutions in any given country, thanks to our Rapid E-communications Deployment (R.E.D.) division. Lafayette Praetorian’s rapid and mobile Communication Information Systems solutions, are tested and adapted to any terrain, climate and available for even the most remote locations. Both RED™ and the even more secure RED-OPS™ solutions, were designed exclusively for Lafayette Praetorian by reputed and highly qualified engineers. The system is adaptable to typical scenarios, and is made to be easily customized to our clients’ respective needs and budgets.
– Provision of all manner of construction material, equipment and labor needs, Life Support requirements, and of all around Civilian-level Procurement materials and services.
– Facilitation and Administrative Support services, allowing you to take advantage of our local presence and administrative office staff, including access to our network of local facilitators, key contacts, legal and other consultants. Giving you preferential rates with our partners and preferred service providers.

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Our expert trainers and instructors are at the ready to train you and your staff, or to simply test and update training.

Services Include:

In an increasingly competitive and unstable world, security training and awareness are essential for companies wanting to keep their personnel safe, while maintaining full control of their environment and sensitive information. Our training courses are intended for companies and individuals, and adaptable to specific needs and budgets. We are proud to provide highly-qualified and experienced Trainers, Instructors, and Specialists for the following respected Training Service Packages:

–  Training of Security Personnel, on proper security procedures, skills and recommended best-practices;
–  Hostage Situation and Crisis Management training for your corporate executives, HQ staff and in-country personnel;
–  Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), for corporate personnel with travel-plans (or regularly travelling) to high-risk destinations;
–  Tactical & Evasive Security-Driving Training, consisting of on-the-ground realistic simulation-based training for personal chauffeurs, corporate drivers, private individuals and security professionals alike;

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Our US State Dept (DDTC) and US Dept of Commerce (BIS) approved and registered expert procurement team, stands at the ready to provide both governmental and other eligible clients worldwide with any ITAR or BIS regulated and non-regulated defense or other articles, equipment, training and procurement materials and services they require.

Services Include:

The provision, brokering and exporting of these materials, equipment, services and training, are solely intended for the United-States Military & US Law Enforcement, as well as NATO-member and other eligible Foreign Armed Forces, Governmental entities and Law Enforcement Agencies. These services are also available for eligible and permissible private sector clients, as per ITAR/BIS regulations and accordingly-with US Federal Laws. Adaptable to specific needs and budgets, as always, our expert procurement team is proud to provide top-shelf equipment as well as highly-qualified and experienced Trainers, Instructors, Subject Matter Experts and Specialists.

– US Government registered Broker & Exporter of ITAR/BIS products
– Procurement of Military-level materials, training and other services
– Supplier of Night Vision Goggles (NVG/NVD) and Military Eletronics
– Provider of Military-level Personal Protective and Training equipment
– Exporter of Firearms, Ammunition, Ordnance, Opticals, Guidance systems
– Provision of Armored Vehicles and of Vehicle armored-conversion services
– Military vehicle & equipment maintenance services, and Maintenance Training
– Immersion/Live Environment Training (LET) & Situational Training Exercises (STX)
– Brokering and Exporting of ITAR regulated Weaponry, Defense Materials and Equipment
– Training of Military Personnel, on weaponry, airborne and other technical-skill qualifications
– Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Training

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Our emergency response teams stand at the ready for crisis response, management, kidnapping negotiations and evacuations.

Services Include:

We offer comprehensive retainer-fee based emergency response packages, in the provision of on-standby emergency response teams and services for our clients' peace of mind in case of crisis, kidnapping and other such emergencies. Our various operations, in unstable regions, have enabled us to have teams already present in key countries and to stay in touch with the realities on the ground. We continuously build relevant expertise in the field of crisis management, providing Crisis Response, Quick Reaction Force teams, Extraction services, Emergency relocations, Hostage Crisis Management and negotiations, as well as Contingency Planning.

- Hostage and Crisis Management emergency services, including Quick Reaction Forces and Hostage Negotiators
- Providing expert life-saving crisis management, containment, negotiation, and intervention personnel and strategies

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Through our Consortium of Strategic Partners, we are proud to offer the ideal strategy in delivering aviation-security services at host-nation airports. Providing a full-spectrum of tailored Airport Security Standards Compliance certifications and services, we can deploy any capabilities that are required, including security staff and equipment.

For this, we’ve assembled a Consortium of subject-matter experts and essential-elements necessary for compliant services. We minimize risk to our client’s infrastructures and reputation, and through compliance with international security-standards build the capacity of our client’s airport security and aviation capabilities, with the goal of unrestricted flights worldwide. 

Our leadership and organizational excellence, as well as our performance in security operations globally, make our Consortium the best fit for the provision of security-services and standards-implementation at our clients’ airports. The purpose of using our US-based brand, is to provide necessary US clearances, so that flights originating from clients’ host-nation airports can fly direct to the USA. 

Our partners in this Consortium, are leading providers of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved-services in the United-States and are currently implementing approved TSA security-standards at major international-airports as well as US domestic-airports. Compliance with TSA standards will bring our clients International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards-compliance within reach, and therefore direct access to American as well as the rest of the World’s international airports. 

Our Consortium’s strength lies in its commitment to exceeding international-standards, providing excellent and award winning training-services, and full TSA clearance certificates. We will work directly with the host nation’s Ministries, or other appropriate government bodies, on a daily-basis, during all external audits. So as to build national aviation capacity, with the end result of providing our client’s civil aviation fleet with freedom of the skies.

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