About Us

Headquartered in the United-States, with our own locally-licensed offices in key high-risk countries, the range of our capabilities is as large as it is reliable. As such, we are a proud go-to master-provider for major multinational corporations, international energy companies, including Dow30 and CAC40 level clients. We are also periodically contracted for US Federal, European Union and other such public-sector contracts. Additionally, we’re regularly subcontracted by larger brand-name security & defense companies. We also provide our services for non-profit humanitarian and international development organizations, insurance companies, as well as high net-worth private clients.

Our group and recruitment is primarily composed of former members from both the US and French Special Forces, as well as from elite units of other NATO countries. Veterans of reputable outfits, all with considerable military and post-military Africa experience. Our teams also include law enforcement professionals, each bringing their own valuable respective expertise. This combination of know-hows and uniquely exclusive recruitment-network, is what allows Lafayette Praetorian to bring together a wide and synergistic range of capabilities in providing our American and European clients with elite security-services in high-risk regions worldwide.

We are not brokers but operators, living on the ground year-round, and proud to deliver highly-respected expertise and sport an impeccable track record. All while relying on a most esteemed Advisory-Board, in addition to a wide global-network of key local contacts. All of which gives us an undeniable edge in our field, and keeps our clients safe.

In this specific context, Lafayette Praetorian has developed a wide array of proposed services. These include security situation reports (SITREP), security audits and risk assessments, hotel surveys, pre-deployment training, global executive protection, surveillance systems, security guards, mobile patrols, safe green-zone creation, Quick Reaction Force teams (QRF), 24/7 local Hotlines, crisis management, K&R services, and more.

Lafayette Praetorian has a very simple business model: provide public entities and private organizations with solutions that drive value to their bottom line. We at Lafayette Praetorian know how difficult it is to operate in the ever-changing global marketplace; entry, as well as continuing operations, take careful consideration and planning. Without such a solid base of information, expertise and suppliers, successes may be limited and total failure possible.

Our model also presents autonomous business units, controlled by a US-based company. This US-based firm, Lafayette Praetorian Group, is very much unique in that it offers our clients the knowledge-base of a locally operating firm with the option of contracting those services with an American entity. In turn, allowing for a known legal framework and easier financial transactions. This also allows us to empower our local operating units with the highest standards of quality and training, thus enabling Lafayette Praetorian to effectively leverage local resources and consistently provide on-the-ground services at the standards our American and Western clients expect from us.

With Regional Offices in NIGER and SOUTH AFRICA, Country Offices in nations such as Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Togo, we’ve built a respected no-incident track-record providing security and logistics on missions all over Africa, while specializing in North, West and most particularly SAHEL Africa.

  • Our Global Executive Protection services, fuse the experienced, battle-tested and proven-combination of American and European know-hows. Providing elite VIP protective-services for escorting worldwide.
  • Our Risk-Management, Security and Logistics services include all the logistical assistance, pre-deployment training and Security-Management services needed for operational support and establishing a safe-working environment anywhere in the world; protecting our client’s mobile and stationary assets, as well as personnel.
  • Our Procurement team, provides all the services, materials and equipment necessary for all types of worldwide defense goods and services contracts (as long as compliant with all US Fed Gov, ITAR, local and international laws and regulations).
  • Our Geostrategy Consulting practice, thanks to our expertise and strong presence on the ground, proposes unique services in Geopolitical and Sociopolitical Risk-Analysis; effectively providing multinational companies with the advice and information necessary for proper geo-strategy and decision-making.
  • Our Facilitation desk, lastly, allows us to provide assistance for any type of project, whether our clients need construction materials, equipment such as vehicles and generators, life support services, fuel support, architect or lawyer services, we find it all and provide you with an easy one-stop-shop.

With Lafayette Praetorian, you’re in safe, reliable and most-capable hands!

Providing our clients with “Above & Beyond Security”™, reliability, professionalism, quality service and equipment, is our life-calling.

Our team remains at the ready for missions worldwide.

Corporate Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United-States of America

Main Corporate Offices: Washington, DC, United-States of America

Regional Offices: Niamey, NIGER  | Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA  |  Paris, FRANCE

Country Offices – Africa: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Togo, Tunisia.

Country Office – Americas: Mexico

Consortium Capabilities and Partners: Worldwide