Our Services


All our services are provided by carefully selected, multi-skilled and experienced Security Managers & Close Protection Officers; all recruited from a network of elite former-members of the Special-Forces of the US, as well as other NATO member countries.

As an Africa-specialized outfit, our operatives, security managers and protection-officers, as well as instructors, are all fully-fluent in both English and French. While other language proficiency is also available, including: Arabic, Afghan (Dari), Persian (Farsi), German, Italian, Kurdish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese to name a few.

Both Armed or non-Armed services available, depending on client preferences and destination countries’ laws.

Our full-range of services include:

–  Security Managers and Close Protection Officers for your facilities, personnel, goods, and a safer working-environment all around;

–  Global Executive Protection and Elite Bodyguard services, including Airport Meet & Greet, Hosting and Journey Management, for your Corporate VIP personnel traveling to Africa, or any high-risk region of the World;

–  Hotline and Quick Reaction Force services, provided by our very own Strategic Threat Monitoring Unit, to add an extra layer of compliance and safety for your teams and infrastructures;

–  Hostage Crisis Management services, providing life-saving crisis management, containment, negotiation and intervention strategies;

–  Elite Home Protective Services, exclusively dedicated military-trained operatives for permanent everyday Personal-Protection at home, in public-places and while travelling;

–  Creation or Testing of already in place Security Protocols, providing new and advised security-measures when necessary;

–  Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) services, as well as training; 

–  Deployment of C.I.S. solutions in any given country, thanks to our Rapid E-communications Deployment (R.E.D.) division.

– Provision of Defense goods and services, materials, equipment, and all around Procurement services.

Training Services:

Additionally, we are proud to offer respected Training Service Packages:

–  Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), for corporate personnel with travel-plans (or regularly travelling) to high-risk destinations;

–  Training of Security Personnel, on proper security procedures and recommended best-practices;

–  Training of Military & Security personnel, on weaponry, airborne and other technical-skill qualifications;

–  Tactical & Evasive Security-Driving Training, for personal chauffeurs, corporate drivers, private individuals and security professionals alike;

EUROPE – Executive Protection & Hosting Services:

Lafayette Praetorian also frequently provides high-end Elite Bodyguard and Security Chauffeur services, for VIP corporate executives as well as private individuals / families wishing to safely travel to and within Europe. We handle every aspect of our clients’ personal safety, from your arrival to departure from the destination country, providing airport meet & greet and full protective-services all around.


Investing and operating in developing countries and emerging markets, can be a risky venture. Working in such markets can expose companies to varied and very serious threats. By better understanding and properly managing such risks, our clients can more effectively protect personnel and investments in such environments and markets.

Lafayette Praetorian provides tailored consulting services in order to help our clients better understand and manage the risks and threats they currently face, or may face, from various geopolitical, social and security realities on the ground.

Informed, both by our exclusive wide-network of trusted in-country contacts, as well as our operatives on the ground working in high-risk conflict-regions around the World, our team of analysts and advisors includes country-specialists and field-experts on a wide range of global issues.

Even before entering new markets and investing overseas, our highly-knowledgeable staff, backed by our respected Advisory Board members, can help deliver the necessary information for proper geostrategic decision-making.

In this field, thanks to how well our teams are plugged-in on the ground level, Lafayette Praetorian is able to offer a very unique perspective and specialization in the provision of the following services:

–  Political Risk Analysis and assessments;

–  Geopolitical and Sociopolitical consulting;

–  Risk Development and Situation Reports (SITREPs).


Thru our Consortium of Strategic Partners, we offer the ideal strategy in order to deliver aviation-security services at host-nation airports. Providing a full-spectrum of tailored Airport Security services, deploying any capabilities that are required; including security equipment.

For this, we’ve assembled a Consortium of subject-matter experts and essential-elements necessary for compliant services. We minimize risk to our client’s infrastructures and reputation, and through compliance with international security-standards build the capacity of our client’s aviation capabilities, with the goal of unrestricted flights worldwide.

Our leadership and organizational excellence, as well as our performance in security operations globally, make our Consortium the best fit for the provision of security-services and standards-implementation at our client’s airports. The purpose of using our US-based brand, is to provide necessary US clearances, so that flights originating from host-nation airports can fly direct to the USA.

Our partners in this Consortium, are leading providers of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved-services in the United-States and are currently implementing approved TSA security-standards at 16 major international-airports as well as US domestic-airports. Compliance with TSA standards will bring International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards-compliance within reach, and therefore direct access to the rest of the World’s international airports.

Our Consortium’s strength lies in its commitment to exceeding international-standards, providing excellent and award winning training-services, and full TSA clearance certificates. We will work directly with the host nation’s Ministries, or other appropriate bodies, on a daily-basis, during all external audits. Building national aviation capacity, with the end result of providing our client’s fleet with freedom of the skies.